The Division Update For PS4 Arrives Tomorrow

Last week,¬†Ubisoft unveiled details for the next major update for The Division. Now, the company has revealed that Update 1.5 will be available for PS4 tomorrow. This reveal comes via Twitter: “Agents, Update 1.5 will be available on PS4 tomorrow!” In case you didn’t see it, here are the details for the update, with a […]

Here’s What Division Testers Will Be Testing

Ubisoft is preparing its latest update patch for The Division — Update 1.4. This is the version of the game that will be available to testers beginning September 26 (technical testing begins romorrow). They’ve written a blog post revealing their goals for the update and how they’re rebalancing the game, and fortunately for us, they […]

The Division’s Public Test Server Launches In Five days

Ubisoft is finally ready to push the “ON” button to that big public test server they promised you. It’s the opinion of many that Ubisoft should have tried this from Day One, but better late than never. Here’s how it’ll work: you’ll need the PC version of The Division to test at all (will the […]

Ubisoft Announces Renewed Effort To Squash Division Bugs

Ubisoft knows The Division hasn’t worked out as smoothly as they’d hoped. This hasn’t stopped them from pursuing a movie deal out of the game (and you just know they’re going to try a Division 2 at some point) but they’re aware their creation turned out to be a malfunctioning mess. That’s why they’re taking […]

Ubisoft Confirms The Division Movie

Ubisoft wants movies made of all its video game properties. Will those movies be good? That’s irrelevant. Ubisoft just WANTS THEM MADE. NOW. The Division hasn’t been around very long, and it’s been plagued with game-breaking bugs since its inception, but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from declaring it such an iconic, permanent part of gaming […]

Solve This Division Problem: DLC Existence Equals Zero

Here’s what’s wrong with The Division in this particular hour: players are reporting that the DLC they just bought is completely missing and undownloadable. Today would normally have been the release day for Underground, the first gigantic DLC pack Ubisoft has prepared for The Division. You can’t entirely accuse Ubisoft of rushing this one as […]

We Now Know What Weapons Changes Are Coming To The Division

A few days ago Ubisoft spoke of a new patch for The Division that would shake up the balance of weapons in the game. They didn’t supply us with specifics until now. Today a new blog post detailed the changes being made to weapons, and why it had to be done. Basically the rebalance is […]

Amazon Leaks Date, Information For Next Division Expansion

As far as bad news for Ubisoft goes, this is far kinder than about every other recent development. Between a potential hostile takeover and a released game that just won’t work, the accidental leak of their next big announcement feels positively benign. So…this is what happened. posted the release date for The Division’s first […]

This Time, The Division’s New Patch Bugged Out Before Ubisoft Could Apply It

There are some animals that just can’t be tamed — bears, tigers, alligators. They can be controlled under the care of a professional trainer, but they can never be truly tamed. The Division is basically an alligator at this point. Players were expecting a new patch to fix the latest issues with The Division to […]

Solve This Division Problem: Characters Being Subtracted

Guess what the 1.2 update to Ubisoft’s The Division did? Yup, it introduced another bug. Players are reporting on sites like Reddit and the Ubisoft forums that their characters have disappeared without a trace. This isn’t a new bug; it was actually the first one Division players had to deal with, and it’s now resurfaced. […]