Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Runs Out Of Last-Gen Memory

Call of Duty fans still playing Advanced Warfare have been asking its developer, Sledgehammer Games, why there haven’t been any new guns offered for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. (They’re also still playing PS3 and 360.) New weapons have been announced for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC, but there has […]

The Magic Secrets Of The XBox 360 Emulator

Ever since Microsoft announced they’d cracked the nut of backwards compatibility on the XBox One, people have wondered how. The two systems had completely different hardware, one running on PowerPC and the other on x86. You can mimic the other chipset through emulation, but it takes a ton of processor power, and today’s consoles are […]

Call Of Duty Ranks Among Most Requested 360 Titles For XBox One

As you might have heard, the XBox One will soon have backwards compatibility with at least a hundred XBox 360 discs. During E3, Microsoft conducted a survey on their website asking gamers which 360 game they want on the One most of all. The unanimous #1 pick? Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. Seems most people have […]

Uh-Oh: Halo 5’s Got Microtransactions

E3 has brought some spiffy new glimpses of Microsoft’s Halo 5: Guardians, but it’s also brought the revelation that the new game will offer microtransactions, in the form of REQ Points bundles. REQ Points are an in-game currency that is normally earned through victories in multiplayer matches. They buy weapons, skins, armor and everything else […]

A Picture Recap Of Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Now that all the major studios have run their E3 conferences, the general consensus is that Sony won the show. But Microsoft put up a decent fight and showed some cool tech in the meantime. Here’s a brief recap, garnished with photos taken during the event itself. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s XBox division and […]

The XBox Elite Controller Is Truly Worthy Of The Name

A couple weeks before E3 began, pictures were leaked out of a new XBox controller called the Elite controller. It had a headphone jack. That was the only discernible difference. E3 is now here, and Microsoft has revealed the Elite to the public. It’s…it’s….wow. It certainly has a headphone jack, and it also has….everything else. […]

XBox One Gains Backwards Compatibility With 360

As consoles have become infinitely more complicated and complex, backwards compatibility is one of those features that has had to be left by the wayside (in favor of “remastering” games that were just sold two years ago and selling them again on the new system, $$ka-ching$$!) Sony’s solution was Playstation Now, a streaming service that […]

New Halo 5 Campaign Details Revealed

The Guardian got their hands on Halo 5 for an advanced playtest, and came away with a lot of new details about its story. Halo 5 will take place five months after Halo 4. Master Chief is now part of a rogue team of Spartans that are having issues with another team of armored spacemen, […]

Halo 5 Will Include Free DLC And More

New details about Halo 5 have been revealed to the public thanks to Game Informer. The biggest change to the series that #5 will bring is free access to a wide range of multiplayer maps. You will get 20 on the disc, and an addition 15 maps — for free — as DLC. In addition, […]

Square-Enix Reveals Mech Shooter “Figureheads”

Here’s a name that doesn’t appear very often on sites devoted to shooter games, but these are changing times. A lot of Japanese studios feel they have to start seriously appealing to American audiences to stay afloat (the results from this mentality have been mixed), and one of the results from that new business strategy […]