Hitman Details Fixes For All Episodes

IO has unveiled a new update for November for Hitman that’ll affect the game in a major way. However, they also detailed what fixes were made to the previous episodes of the game, that will be combined for a physical release in January. You can read the fixes below. Fixed Issues Paris Fixed an issue […]

The Division Update For PS4 Arrives Tomorrow

Last week, Ubisoft unveiled details for the next major update for The Division. Now, the company has revealed that Update 1.5 will be available for PS4 tomorrow. This reveal comes via Twitter: “Agents, Update 1.5 will be available on PS4 tomorrow!” In case you didn’t see it, here are the details for the update, with a […]

Borderlands and Saint Row Prove That Zany Shooters Are Sometimes The Most Fun To Play

Borderlands and Saint Row prove that there are times when an industry just gets too serious. Too dark for its own good. A good example right now is the superhero movie industry. Between The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel to most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s an incredibly serious affair. Then… you […]

I Don’t Play Halo, But The Recent Trailers Makes Me Want To Play Halo 5

I like to think of myself as a pretty diverse gamer, by that I mean I play a lot of different gaming genres. I’ve played shooters, RPG’s, platformers, action-adventure titles, puzzle games, racers, and more. I think that’s part of the reason I like gaming, there’s a lot to do and experience. I’m also the […]

Battlefield Hardline Tops Nordic Game Charts

Despite skepticism and criticism from fans and reviewers alike, numbers don’t lie, Battlefield Hardline was the best selling game during the 14th week of 2015 according to the Nordic Game Charts. In some ways this isn’t surprising, as a recent infographic from EA showed that players in Battlefield Hardline had already played the game for 2 […]

Can First-Person and Third-Person Shooters Continue To Sell?

I know what you’re thinking, “What kind of question is this?”, well the answer is, a good one. It’s true, shooters sell, they just do. Especially with name recognition like Call of Duty and Battlefield. They’ve made millions in the last few years alone, yet with them also comes the question about whether they can […]

GTA V For PC To Be Sold As A 7-Disc Set?

In the “you must be joking” story of the day, it’s being stated that he physical copy of GTA V (as in the one  you’d buy at the local electronics store to bring home) for PC will be put into a staggering 7-disc box set. That’s a lot, but in some ways it makes sense. […]

One of the Heads of Visceral Has Left EA

And so the merry-go-round of game development continues, another top executive has left their position in a major gaming company. Today, it’s Steve Papoutsis of Visceral that has moved on. Papoutsis was the Executive Producer of Battlefield Hardline, a game that has made headlines in numerous ways, and yet has still sold many copies despite […]

Players Have Spent 2 Billion Minutes In Battlefield Hardline

How much time you spend in a video game says a lot about the title itself. Do you play more than once? Did you not finish it? Did you get stuck half-way through, and then force yourself to take a break from it? Each answer defines the game itself. For multiplayer games, especially ones who […]